First Brief- First thoughts


UFO Brief: The truth is out there.

Our perceptions of what exists as ‘truth’ are challenged by almost every image we see.  How do we know what we are viewing exists as a real truth?



There are many historical images that, when interpreted in a clinical manner appear as truth.  On the same hand many images that we perceive as genuine are manipulated and distorted beyond any version of truth.

We love to see images that stretch our imaginations and ask questions of us.  The Loch Ness monster, Big Foot, UFO’s, NASA moon landings, the images that exist of these enigmas have often been proven to be fakes.

An audience exists however that can argue their authenticity.

What does the photographer’s intervention do to distort the truth in an image?

We may have an obligation when taking images to tell the truth or we may be asked to distort the cameras recording abilities to tell an untruth.  (soft focus studio lit portraits that make us look 10 years younger for instance)
Does your intervention when taking a photograph dilute the ability for an image to reveal the truth?

Are documentary images closer to telling the truth than advertising images?


Consider the information and questions on the previous page. What parts of this interests you as an image maker? Is the topic one that interests you? Do you know any good examples of unexplained phenomena that may help you engage with the brief? What approach will you take?

Record your initial thoughts and ideas, clearly show the formation of your idea. Back this up with investigative research… the research should Look at historical images that depict previous UFO/ unexplained phenomena. What are the aesthetics of these images? How have they been achieved? What impact have the had socially and culturally?
Look at other image makers who have worked with this theme.

Record all your investigations and clearly show a link between your research your idea, your development and your finished composition.

Create a mock up of a UFO or unexplained phenomenon image.

Optimise your final image using appropriate lighting and editing.

Present the final image as a print. Consider the presentation/ printing technique in relation to your image and interpretation of the brief.

First thoughts

So this sounds interesting, so many different possibilities of what to shoot. Do I try and create a ufo , fling something in the air and try to photograph it? Do I dress someone in a costume like bigfoot and have them walk through the park? Or should I approach this from a more digital perspective by editing something to look out of the ordinary? Or should this be more slight, just a suggestion that the image could be fake? Lots to think about!



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