Brief 1- Initial ideas, Time Travel

From looking at the historical fakes and further research into phenomena I am drawn to the aspects of time travel and effects of lights as a way to represent time travel.

For years stories have been told of time travel. Scientists such as Einstein have always had their theories on the possibilities of time travel, which has sparked the creative minds around the world, past and present to create their stories, movies and television series around this subject.

As a child growing up and even still now, I love the stories of time travel in tv series and movies such as Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Terminator. There has been so many throughout time and across the world, and I think what they all have in common is using lights as a way to convey time travel. Below some images of time travel programs and movies.


I am wanting to create and image of a person but with the creativity of a long exposure of lights as well. Which together will add the effect of time travel.

I think that I would be best doing this by creating a couple of images and editing them together in Photoshop.

I think that long exposure photography can look magical and quite phenomenal.

Long exposure photography is a technique used by increasing the length of exposure time (shutter speed) which allows more light to enter the camera, creating extraordinary effects such as light trails if shot at night with no natural light, and if done during the day can create interesting ghostly figures or milky smooth water.


This image by Justin Ng was taken in Japan, it shows long exposure of stars creating these beautiful whirling lights in the sky. What looks like some sort of space time vortex from a science fiction film drawing the eye around and around to the centre of the image. This image is a creative piece of work which shows what the eye is not recording over a short period of time. This image doesn’t have an impact in any negative way on society but is there artistically to look beautiful.

18921028_1966922013531484_6313082869812393196_oThis image is by myself, a long exposure of traffic passing over a bridge just as the night sky has gone dark blue just before complete dark sky. I like the light trails of the traffic drawing your eye though the image, this image is not just a snap shot of what is front of your but shows a little section of time. The long exposure also makes still lights appear like a burst of light which I think looks appealing. This image was not captured to have any social or cultural significance but merely because I was excited to capture it and experiment with the moving light.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPhotographer unknown however this image was taken in a sightseeing tunnel at the Bund in Shanghai, which is a long exposure image, created going through this tunnel of light which has created these beautiful light trails.

I don’t just want to create an image using the long exposure technique, I want more than magical lights. I want to capture a person as that is the with magical lights behind her.

I also think to make the two images work well together , my subject should be lit creatively as well. Perhaps using gels might be a good way to creatively light my model.


This image is by Maggie West for Zink Magazine.

This is a portrait using two different colour of gels. I think the gels create an interesting alternative look to the portrait.


Again this is using two gels to light the model, makes it interesting and sexy.


Love this image by photographer Geoff Jones, the contrast from the dark back ground to the vibrancy of the red gel against the edge of her skin really brings the image to life.


This image from an Elle Magazine has the mix of a model some interesting lighting movement behind her. Its that mix of a model with the interesting lighting that I want to create.


Another image from Elle Magazine using the same technique. You can even see part of the models face I’m the lights where there has been movement. Although this been done to create an interesting fashion image the technique could represent some sort of phenomena.

Now that I have an idea of what I want to create, its now putting it together, I have contacted the I model I will use for this shoot. Images below which I had previously taken of her. Think she is perfect for this and she has a fantastic long neck which would look great with the lights on her.

I have created a mood board below to give an idea to the model of what I want to shoot.

mood board.jpg




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