Brief 1- Little white lies?

Images used for advertising are always digitally enhanced or manipulated or altered in some sort of way. However as a society we have come to expect this and it has become so common and normal that in advertising the models skin has been retouched to perfection wither we agree with it or not its out there. Also images are creatively edited to highlight the product being advertised, such as the images above with macaroni, the chip and the ketchup. These images are obviously not ‘truth’ in the sense its not a real true image, but its a creative image for advertising purposes, to play on the name of the product or highlight an ingredient within them to help get the message across. This is accepted, people don’t mind this, aren’t complaining, however there has been so much more digital manipulation and hours spent editing the ketchup bottle than the image showing the before/after of the models face. Yet so many people will complain about the models image.



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