Brief 1- The Process of creating a time travel image


These are my final images for the UFO brief.

How I did it;Arranged a model and a make-up artist to come into the studio.

Styled the model in this short playsuit, chunky boots, neutral skin make-up with a smoky eye. This was to give this image a fashion feel to it, to look modern. Although I wanted to achieve a time travel feel, I wanted an image that wouldn’t look out of place in a magazine_MG_5629ufomaybe4.

In the studio; used 4 lights, lit the background with 2 lights with coloured gels, 2 lights used on the model, 1 with a gel and the other with a soft box. I used the lighting gels as I felt these would help add to the time travel affect.

The editing process is where I was going to give it the time travel feel I wanted to achieve.

This was going to need more than just the image of the model in the studio, I used other images to create the final, these were 2 images previously created in the studio by painting with light. These images were perfect for adding the light effects that I was looking for. These are the extra images I added;



These images were created in the a dark studio, using fairly lights and a light wand, I moved these lights around while exposed for 6 seconds. I feel this is a great way to capture a section of time.


3This images shows that I copied the original image, then I added a new layer with one of the pink painting with light images over the top of it, I changed the blending mode to overlay and opacity at 100%

4Next new layer was the same pink image added again this time fully over the image, blending mode was set to overlay at 100%.





Another new layer with the same pink image this time I move it slightly to the right as I’m trying to introduce some downward vertical lights shinning through my image, blending mode soft light and at 100%6

Here I have now added a new layer this time with the blue painting with light image, and I have changed the blending mode to Luminosity, at 100%.



Another new layer the same blue image, this time the blending mode was switched to vivid light, 100%.




Next new layer is of the original image of the girl brought back in as I want to build her back up a bit, make her reappear. Blending mode is set to exclusion at 13% opacity.




So now what I have done is using the quick selection tool, cut out the girl, made a new layer and altered the colours using the channels and set the blending mode to pin light at 35% opacity.



Next new layer is a copy of the girl cut out and moved slightly to the left so its slightly out of position, I then used colour channels again to alter colour then set the blending mode to darken at 37%.


Next new layer another copy of the cut out and again moved to the left a little bit more than the previous, this time blending mode is set to pin light at 44% opacity.



Next new layer I made a copy of those previous 3 layers and put them together in a group, made the blending mode for that group Pass Through at 100% opacity. I also positioned this slightly to the left and up slightly.


This next new layer is  copy of the group and repositioned, this is to help create the feeling of movement.



15Another copy of group repositioned.

16Another copy of group repositioned.


And another layer repositioned , again to create more movement within the image.


Now that I am happy with the movement that I’ve created  overall I want to add in a slight more to her middle , so I add another copy of the original cut out and used the smudge too to swipe over the arm and stomach. I changed the blending mode to linear dodge(add) , I add a layer mask to obscure some parts and made opacity 44%.


For the final layer I brought another copy of the original cut out into that layer as I wanted to re introduce some more of the colour of her skin tones over all the colourful copies, but I didn’t want it at full opacity so lowered the opacity to 55%, however I wanted to retain details in the eyes , so I added a layer mask and brought back some detail in the eyes.


I am happy with the final outcome of this brief. I have managed to create an image with a time travel feel , I think that the use of colour and the many copies of the cut out of the female adds to the effect I was trying to create.



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